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General Rules

Peak City Film Festival, Inc. (PCFF) is an international new-media production competition specifically for producers of family friendly productions. Based in historic downtown Apex, North Carolina, the event attracts entries from all over the world to be judged on their entertainment value, artistic merit, and excellence of technique. The PCFF seeks to motivate the creative talent and business skills of new-media producers (producers, directors), providing a festival to convey the passion of storytelling through motion picture arts and sciences. This event allows stories for family members of all ages in mobisode/TV, short, or long format productions to inspire us and to provide networking opportunities for those in development, pre-production and distribution.

Entries– Format And Copies:

Entries must be submitted in NTSC DVD format, clearly labeled with entrant?s name, the production title, and the running time. All entries must be submitted on five (5) NTSC DVDs, accompanied by a completed entry form and payment of the non-refundable fee. All copies submitted shall become the property of Peak City Film Festival, Inc, and will not be returned. Productions may be submitted through or by mail to Peak City Film Festival, Post Office Box 2186, Apex, NC 27502.

  • Films must be in English or have English Subtitles.
  • Feature Films must be no longer than ninety (90) minutes in length, including titles and credits.
  • Shorts Films must be no longer than twenty-four (24) minutes in length, including titles and credits.
  • Mobisode/or micro shorts shall be no longer than seven (7) minutes in length, including titles and credits.

Producers Guarantee:

  • They have obtained all the necessary permission to enter this film and the film does not infringe the rights including copyright of any third party.
  • The Producer is the owner, or has permission from the owner, of the copyright in the sound recordings, comprising the soundtrack to the film and the works including lyrics and music.
  • The producer has obtained written consent from each actor and contributor to the film.
  • The production is not subject to any litigation nor is threatened by any litigation.

Timeline– Production Time for Entries:

The inaugural season of PCFF shall allow projects developed, produced and/or distributed since 1900. Therefore, no time restrictions are placed upon when a project was produced. All works are eligible.

Judging Categories:

Jury Awards will be selected in seven (7) categories: 1.) Best Feature Production, 2.) Best Short Production, 3.) Best Mobisode or Micro Short Production, 4.) Best Animated Production, 5.) Best Silent Production, 6.) Best Music Video, 7.) Best TV Commercial Produced in North Carolina by a North Carolina-based Producer. A first place, second place, and student award shall be made in each category shown.

Audience Awards will be selected in four (4) categories: 1.) Best Feature Production, 2.) Best Short Production, 3.) Best Mobisode or Micro Short Production, 4.) Best Music Video.

Awards and Prizes:

Winners in the above categories will receive a unique trophy specially designed for the Peak City Film Festival along with cash and merchandise provided by our sponsors. Specific details on the prize amounts and items shall be made public throughout the summer of 2009.

Selection, Notification, and Judging:

The Festival selection committee will view all entries submitted. The producers of entries accepted into the PCFF to be judged shall be notified by email not later than 15 October 2009. The producers of entries nominated for an award will be notified by email not later than 6 November 2009. The Peak City Film Festival awards will be given to the films selected as best in category.

All producers of films accepted into the PCFF will be entitled to:

  • Two producer/film maker badges per submitted film
  • One ticket to the Opening Night Sponsor’s Reception on Friday night, 20 November 2009
  • One invitation to attend the “invitation only” Producer/Industry VIP networking breakfast on Saturday morning, 21 November 2009
  • Free admittance to panel discussions and seminars
  • One ticket to the PCFF Wrap Party on Saturday night, 21 November 2009
  • Free admittance to the Hospitality Suite for sodas and snacks
  • One Producer/Film maker promotional bag of stuff and Festival program per film

NOTE: Additional Opening Night Sponsors Reception and PCFF Wrap Party tickets may be purchased in advance with a discount for guest(s).

Entry Fees (US dollars only) and Deadlines:

Fee Types Early Bird Regular Deadline
   August 10, 2009 September 10, 2009 October 1, 2009
Standard $30 $40 $50
Student $20 $25 $50

Payment Method:

All entry fees are payable in US dollars by bank certified cheque or international money order ONLY. The total entry fee for all productions entered with an entry form for each production shall be included with the entries in an envelope marked “Payment.” Make cheques payable to: Peak City Film Festival. Payments can also be made via credit card through Entry fees are non-refundable and submission does not guarantee acceptance in the Festival for screening.

Reproduction Agreement:

All entrants agree clips of their production and other material relating to the project may be used or published in promotional materials for the festival.

Press Materials and Advanced Press Screenings:

If selected, the PCFF will require a minimum of five press kits to include with production stills, director bio, production notes, full cast & crew credits and QuickTime trailer. Press screenings begin as early as October.
Press must begin screening at least seven (7) weeks in advance to run film reviews during the Festival and to consider interviews. For reviews, please be prepared to ship the entry and press kits no later than September 10, 2009. Advance press screenings will not be scheduled until we have received the production and press kits.

Shipping Costs:

All costs of shipping are the responsibility of the entrant. CODs will not be accepted. PCFF cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in transit.


Although every possible care will be taken with entry DVDs while in our possession, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Do not send original prints or tapes. DVD copies submitted will not be returned.

Travel and Accomodations:

The Festival has several travel partners, including hotel, rental cars, and airlines.
Special discounts are available.
Please contact our Travel Relations Coordinator at INFO@PEAKCITYFILMFESTIVAL.ORG for more information.


Please direct any questions on these rules to Bob Crowley (





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What you Want to Know

When: The weekend before Thanksgiving
November 20-22

Where: Downtown Apex, N.C.

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