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The Festival


What is a film festival?
A film festival is essentially a contest for filmmakers, and primarily independent filmmakers. Films and other types of video productions are submitted to be judged by a panel of experts on their cinema art and technical merit. Prizes are awarded for the best of the entries, and the filmmaker can use the fact they won or were nominated for an award in the various film festivals they enter as “bragging rights” in the industry. This is very important when approaching a potential distributor of films. Independent filmmakers do this work with the intention of having it sold for use on television, theaters, or other screening outlets. Their contact with those outlets are the distributors, so having as many wins and nominations as possible helps with that effort.

What is an independent film?
An independent film, or indie film, is a film produced outside of a major film studio. Originally, this term denoted independence from the eight (8) major Hollywood studios. Independent films today are generally defined as films financed and distributed by sources outside the remaining six (6) major studios and their subsidiaries.

What is a feature, short, commerical?
The distiction here is based primarilly on the length of time the production or film runs on the screen. Features are typically approximately ninety (90) minures or longer while Shorts will be twenty-three (23) minutes or less, the length of a standard thirty minute television show with twenty-three minutes of content and seven minutes of commercials. A Commercial is typically fifteen (15) to thirty (30) seconds long and is designed to promote and sell a specific product.

What is a Mobisode?
A type possibly new to many attendees is the "Mobisode" production, being a word made up from the phrase “mobile episode.” A Mobisode is a production formatted to be viewed on a portable device from a laptop computer to a cellular telephone. These productions are typically no more than seven (7) minutes long since psychologists tell us that is the average human attention span when viewing something on a tiny screen.

Why a film festival in Apex, NC?
Apex was chosen because of its “hometown character” and the contribution that makes to the overall brand and image of the Festival. The format is similar to film festivals around the world, but with a few differences making it unique. Not the least is the focus on family-friendly productions in new-media from independent producers. The producers and staff of the Festival live in and around Apex, and see the event as making a material contribution to the town.

Why a family-friendly film festival?
By informal count, some 758 film festivals of all types are held in the United States every year. Many have specific themes catering to specific audiences and others are open to all commers regardless of content. The character of the Town of Apex suggested home and family, and therefore holding all qualifying entries to productions and films suitable for general audiences seemed appropriate. Regardless of the film being screened, all ages will feel comfortable watching it or having their family members watch it.


What you Want to Know

When: The weekend before Thanksgiving November 20-22

Where: Downtown Apex, N.C.

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